Our Story

The premise of Guardian Eyes started over five years ago after my brother was involved in a severe car accident which left him with multiple life threatening and life altering injuries. After an extended time in the hospital, he was placed in a nursing home for two years for rehabilitation purposes. During many visits to the nursing home, I noticed many patients isolated, lonely and not well cared for, it appeared that the people were there to die not to enjoy their golden years or rehab.

The very sight of these individuals in this condition and the thought that my brother was needing extended care compelled the desire to create a situation where people had an alternative to a nursing home environment. One in which individuals receive one on one personal care are able to enjoy life, socialize and live their golden years in a home-like nurturing environment

The majority of older adults who enter nursing homes do so because of caregiver exhaustion, and not due to a deteriorating condition. Long-term care is drastic, and often unnecessary, solution when a family may only need supportive services, like those that Guardian Eyes provides.

The need to provide services for older adults and persons with disabilities will only continue to grow as the Baby Boomers reach retirement age. Guardian Eyes strives to be a part of the solution that helps seniors maintain a high level of independence in their lives.